Our Programs

Mobile Primary Care Program

Mobile One Docs medical providers serve as mobile primary care providers for individuals that have chronic conditions that make it difficult to leave their home. Our office provides comprehensive primary care support with 24/7 phone support.

We accept most insurances for our mobile primary care program.

Transitional Care Program

Better Care. Better Transitions. Better Outcomes. Mobile One Docs medical providers visit patients discharged from the hospital within 24-48 hours. We coordinate care with home health agencies and your primary care provider to help ensure your successful recovery until you are able to visit your primary care provider. Immediate follow up care reduces the likelihood of being readmitted to the hospital.

We accept most insurances for our Transitional Care Program.

Palliative Care Program

When you have a chronic illness, you may want or need help making decisions about how to relieve your suffering and improve your quality of life.  Our Palliative Care Team is a personalized team consisting of a palliative nurse practitioner and a social worker who visit you to manage symptoms and assist with many resources.

Our Palliative Care Program is designed:

  • For patients seeking to avoid aggressive medical care and shift the focus to comfort and symptom relief.
  • To help relieve pain, symptoms and stress of a serious illness.
  • To help you get what you want as regards your healthcare thru excellent/open communication between our care team and you and your loved ones so.

Other benefits of Palliative Care are: (1) can be offered at various stages of any illness; (2) You can still receive usual medical treatment when you are receiving palliative approach; (3) We coordinate care with your primary care provider.

We accept most insurances for our Palliative Care Program.

Mobile Wound Care Program

Our wound care medical providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants) work closely with home health agencies to provide onsite wound care and supplies for homebound patients suffering from a chronic, non-healing wound/s. Medical procedures performed include sharp debridement, cellular grafts, and more.

We accept Medicare for our wound care program.

Behavioral Health TeleHealth Program

Mobile One Docs' specialized mental health medical providers provide diagnosis, evaluation, medication management, counseling, and treatment of mental health disorders. 

We accept most insurances for our Behavioral Health TeleHealth Program.

Home based Physical Therapy/Speech Therapy/Occupational Therapy

Based upon availability and region. We can provide in home physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy as a separate service from home health.

We accept Medicare for this program.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management

Our Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management programs are part of the many wellness efforts we make on behalf of our patients.   These programs work arm in arm to help improve your overall health.  These programs include:

- Monitoring via remote monitoring device

- care team education and support regarding your condition and how to improve your health

- monthly check-ins with a care team member through messages, phone calls, video chats or office visits

- Alert monitoring by a patient engagement team (24/7) that receives an alert if your device reports out of range


Senior and Behavioral Health Placement Service

Mobile One Docs works with trusted community specialists (at no cost to you) to help you with your questions and needs regarding placement in senior living communities, behavioral health centers, and more.

Mobile Lab/Diagnostic Testing and Community referrals

Our medical providers are able to perform most of the same kinds of laboratory and other testing that medical providers in an office-based practice can: This includes routine and specialized blood testing; wound cultures; pharmacogenetic testing; allergy testing; respiratory panels; and COVID-19 testing.

Additional available diagnostic testing includes mobile:

  • X-rays
  • ultrasound
  • EKG
  • arterial screenings
  • pulmonary function testing
  • sleep apnea testing.

We can also help with FMLA paperwork and disability paperwork.

In addition, we help you obtain appropriate Durable Medical Equipment and Orthotic products such as oxygen, CPAP, BIPAP, braces, electric beds and more.